Minty Avocado Dip

Hi guys.  Here’s a quick recipe for a favorite snack of mine.  I add it to sandwiches, as a side with grilled meats and serves as my breakfast at times with some rice crackers. Healthy, filling and fast! Save the avocado pits to be added to any smoothie you like.  It adds a nutty flavor and offers cancer-fighting, digestive and…

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Greens and Brown Rice with Roasted Almonds

A trip to the Farmer’s Market is necessary to wet the appetite and juice creativity.  I don’t know if that applies to everyone but certainly true for a foodie.  Shopping for food is the most joyful shopping I do, I could spend hours.  As for the Farmer’s Market, it’s no exception.  However, I avoid it on the weekend because…

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Green Energy Smoothie

A beautiful Spring day in the South calls for a not-so-average breakfast.  A nutrient-dense delicious smoothie that can keep you running all day, not to mention full and satisfied.  This has been my breakfast for the last week while traveling.  With variations along the way to keep my taste buds stimulated, I can see a addiction on the way….

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