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I recently watched the two hours of extravagant gift giving on Oprah, and loved it! It was so fun to watch the audience go nuts, especially when she mentioned the price of an item.  Well deserved for everyone there, and Oprah was beaming with joy.  It’s so fun to give!!

My list of favorite things is a bit less flashy, and equally as fun-filled for me anyway.  These items are made with honest sweat by wonderful people.  All make thoughtful stocking stuffers.
Here we go (in no particular order).

1. My absolute favorite artisanal soap ever.  I just smile every time I use it. It smells like just like its name Mint Raspberry!  Claude Poissonniez is a classically trained Belgian chef and owner of Sky Valley Farms.  His culinary background inspires unique soap pairings and he grows most of the herbs used in his products.  What more would you ask for?  Give it a try and you’ll be hooked.

2. Peggy Rose’s Sweet Pepper Jelly.  I found this item accidentally one day as the owner was sampling it at the local Whole Foods in town, and it was addictive.  I invent reasons to use it.  Warning: it’s spicy! and sweet which confuses my brain a little, well worth it. 

3. I was hooked on this truffle from the first time I tried it.  A local favorite here, these truffles are just perfection, and they use fair trade, organic ingredients. Probably the first ever raw truffles company, Ulimana means may the Goddess Uli (from the Huna tradition) give Mana (means life force or vibrant health).  These truffles will make you tingle with joy. This happens to be my favorite, but they do have other tasty flavors.

4. For the book lovers, this book is one of my absolute favorites.  I love books that teach something, especially the ones that challenge common beliefs. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a leading sought after keynote speaker. He also leads workshop around the globe.  Biology of belief will change your beliefs about health, mind, and spirituality.  I just loved it!

5. I fell in love with this book even before it was published.  Author of Man’oushé (her 1st book about Lebanese Pizza for lack of a better word), Barbara Massaad spent several years compiling her latest work Mouneh in this wonderful reference book.  It’s an extensive look at the Lebanese pantry and the traditional processes of preserving and preparing the harvest for winter consumption, which is still a yearly rural process and an important part of the Lebanese culinary heritage.  If I were to write a book, this would be it.  These methods date back hundreds of years and stand the test of time, absolutely worth documenting and teaching. You can follow Barbara’s work on her own blog here.

I hope you enjoyed my little list.  I will be giving away a couple of these products to one of you.  To enter, all you have to do is answer this question : “What was the absolute favorite gift you’ve ever received during the holidays?”
Leave your answer in the comment section.  I will be announcing the winner on Wednesday Dec. 8, bright and early.  Winner will be chosen randomly by my 4 year old son. Happy Holidays.

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  1. This is a unique list of goodies, thanks for sharing them. Hmm, my ultimate gift was a spontaneous skiing trip that my hubby sprung on me.

  2. hmmm I think my favorite would have to be CHRISTMAS COOKIES.

    Since I do not do much baking, I love when people give me cookies!

    That book looks amazing! I have a few recipes copied from manouché that I love…. can't wait to see this next one!

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