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It started with an idea that a small bistro could offer what many locals were searching for, what my family and I could not find in our local eateries- a place free of the most prevalent allergens, serving clean, fresh food that could give me an outlet to share my recipes and other time-tested family treasures.

Our first year at Fresh Levant Bistro was full of memorable highs and lows, milestones and so many fulfilling moments.  I couldn’t have started this project without the support of my family, and couldn’t have sustained it without your support, the local community that welcomed us with open arms, our regular guests who quickly became part of the family,  and those of you who came from near and far to share a meal with us.

I am warm and fuzzy inside with gratitude for all your words of encouragement, your advice, your patience, your generosity, and your feedback which helps us improve everyday.  I have loved ready your emails and your loving notes left on our napkins and menus. You have shared with us your weddings, your baby showers, and your newborns and we love it all.

And mostly nothing could have been accomplished without so much support and hard work from my wonderful crew in the kitchen and the dining room, whose hard work and diligence makes us better today than yesterday.

I am looking forward to the days ahead, bursting with exciting ideas and new initiatives.  Our promise is to continue improving and growing, always keeping our commitment for a nutritious offering free of all things artificially, chemically or biologically manipulated foods, and I am excited to see you all in the days to come.

I just want to say a big THANK YOU! and I look forward to another year of memories in the making.


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