Children of the Earth – We have failed you!

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This, by no means, is a rant – but the summation of my observations from a detached perspective.
As a foodie, I see everything from that perspective.  Food is really a window through which you can understand behavior, society, culture, etc.  And I am always delighted to read other foodie blogs who are committed to dishing out the best of their creativity, through scrumptious and healthful food – real food.  We need more of you!

As I sit here and remember the thoughts that woke me up in the middle of the night, I realize that I probably should have made my way to a paper and pen.

For a very long time, I’ve been baffled by the idea of what people equate with food. Packages that advertise the use of “Real Cheese” on their wrappers as if there is anything other than. As adults, we are free to choose, we are capable of inquiring about, and we ought to understand what truly defines food.  We have been entrusted this monumental task by the Children of the Earth. Sifting through, and preparing healthful meals for them is a great undertaking.  However, we delegated that monumental task to corporations and conglomerates.  We have allowed them to define for us, to choose for us and to feed us.  It wasn’t even a power struggle!   Our laziness and lack of interest, our disconnectedness from what matters, have moved us away from who we are and what our job here really is!

We have failed the children.  We, the adults, have failed at nurturing them, feeding them, and providing them with the tools needed to become a better generation than the latter.  We have taught them that food comes in packages.  We have taught them that food is neon colored – that meals come with toys and out of individual bags.  We have littered their little bodies with additives, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, processed junk, contaminated water, binding agents, toxic ingredients, chemicals and prescriptions, etc.  And it all boils down to one reason: Time.  We are too busy catching up with this celebrity and that reality, with jobs around the clock to afford stuff and houses that we were told were iconic of a successful life, to be walking charades disconnected from ourselves, to ignore our true yearning for community, harmony, and belonging.  In our disorientation, we have lost our connectedness to the light inside of all of us.

Children of the Earth, we are sorry.  We have let our guard down.  We have allowed authorities and entities outside ourselves to control us, to betray us and cash in on our weakness.  We have failed you in all parts of the world where you are dying of hunger, of hatred, of prejudice, of maladies, of overmedication, of abuse.  We have failed to see you as the vibrant little beings that you are, coming here with all the wisdom you need to show us a better way.  We have over-medicated you, we have ignored you and we have discarded you as nuisances in our lives.  We are over-scheduling you and stressing your little bodies, we are molesting you as if you are made of plastic,  we are hurting you inside and out.  And for all of that, We Are Sorry!

Don’t give up on us though, don’t give up on our humanity.  It’s inside, I promise.  It will burst out of us soon into a kaleidoscope of Love and commitment for a beautiful tomorrow.

Forgive us for giving you these experiences, for scarring your souls in this way.  You are blazing the trails Dear Ones and you WILL change this Earth.  Thank you for guiding us through this nightmare, Dawn is fast approaching.

Happy Holidays,

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