Do you know what your food is eating?

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Many of us visit Farmer Markets regularly, enjoy the colorful bounty displayed along the aisles, and sample our way through the stalls.   There’s always an element of excitement and wonder as we walk through.  It’s a happy time when we feel connected with our foods and believe in the nourishment it will provide our bodies. There’s an intrinsic feeling that we’re doing something good for ourselves.
But do you wonder about what your food is being fed?

A few weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning, made my way to the kitchen to begin breakfast when I realized we were out of eggs.  I had forgotten to pick up eggs from my friend Deborah.  Her eggs are hands down the best tasting I’ve had.  Friends and family that have tasted them still talk about the flavor.  I buy most of the eggs her hens produce and share them with everyone.
Well that Saturday, I had none.  My only option was to go to the neighborhood Farmer Market and get a few to go through the weekend.
I was happy to find an egg stand.  During my conversation with the farmer, I asked (as I usually do) about what the hens eat.  The farmer boastfully explained in detail about the feed and that she only feeds her hens a diet of Monsanto soy meal feed, and went on to explain that this soy is genetically modified to include Roundup and how that preserves the grain from disease, etc.   I think she stopped explaining once she realized my face was turning all shades of shock!  At that point, I had to return the eggs back to her and explain that Roundup is not part of our ingredient list.  Then just made my way to the Whole Foods.

Even after weeks of this incident, I still cringe at the idea!  The fact is that this is going on all across the food supply.  The feed of all animals is laced with arsenic, chemicals, hormones, and all kinds of ingredients that would make any living thing get sick.   What would a chicken filet provide you having lived on Roundup? or any other chemical?  Yes, you’d be getting a healthy dose of those chemicals in your body.
“YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” has never been more poignant!  Over time and exposure, the body would eventually accumulate amount of chemicals it cannot handle.  This is where we are today.  Look around you to find people suffering from all kinds of ailments.  These have been labeled “lifestyle diseases”.  Such a catchy name for a system that is so broken from its so-called nourishment.

I’m elated to see so many cleaning up their diet, getting a real interest and commitment to their food and health.  A few days ago Maryland signed a ban against arsenic in chicken feed.  What a feat!  Each one of us can affect our immediate circle and each one counts.  I am asked on a daily basis from moms about what steps they can take to begin this process.  Cleaning up the family diet is not an easy task, but the pay off is exponential.  In fact, I believe that the majority have forgotten what a true state of health feels like.  Most are living with a plethora of ailments (inflammation, migraines, joint issues, random pains) thinking this is part of growing up.   Well allow me to tell you, it is NOT.  It is only the consequences of malnutrition, deficiencies, broken down bodily functions due to contaminated food.  When children at the age of 6 are diagnosed with diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver, it is a sure sign of failure.

What can you do?  Start small.  Ask questions from your food suppliers, and refuse to buy dirty contaminated food.  We underestimate our purchasing power.  If enough people refuse to buy the eggs from the earlier story, I am certain the farmer will discontinue using that particular feed and clean up the diet.  I’ve included a simple guide that will give you a great start. Today’s post comes with homework 🙂 I’ll take your comments and ideas.  I wish you Happy Foraging!
Guide to kickstart “Back to Basics”
NO artificial flavors, colors, preservatives
NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
NO Hormones and Antibiotics
NO Artificial Sweeteners
NO Bleached flours, sugars
NO Artificial Fats, Partially-Hydrogenated or Fully Hydroghemicals of any kind

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