A refreshing start – Peppery Carrot Apple Beet Juice

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Apple Bushel

Welcome 2011!  I’m excited that you’re here, new projects to start, new goals to set and new friends to make.  I’m not the “making resolutions” kind of person, but I do like to begin the year with a new guiding thought, an on-going theme for the year that will help me stay on track.  For this new year,  Fearless is my driving force.  I’ve had a good excuse in the past four years with birthing and raising two kids, but even I am getting tired of giving myself the excuse of lack of time, trying to quiet the fearful voice inside my head, the apprehensive part of me that is hesitant to take chances.   There is no such thing as time management, there’s only managing oneself.  Hello 2011, I am Fearless.

I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration last night.  I had a great evening with my two beautiful kids and family, a quiet not so quiet evening with lots of fun, drinks (to include some not so kid-friendly) and food of course.  I woke up this morning craving a fresh drink, especially after a holiday season packed with sugar, butter and eggs (no regrets,all yummy, all wonderful).  

Cheers to you my dear readers, may your year be filled with love, hope and exhilarating times.

Apple Carrot Beet Juice

Carrot Apple Beet Juice
10 carrots 
4 apples (mixed) 
2 beets 
1 inch ginger, fresh  

Juice all together and enjoy. 

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  1. This sounds delicious Anita… I love carrots and apples mixed together and I bet the beets just give it that special kick!!!

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