Matte – A relaxing drink!

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If ever at a loss for what to snack on, I’ve got your solution right here. A practically zero calorie snack, that is filling, interactive and fun! “What’s the catch? ” You say. Well, let’s talk about the flavor of matte. It compares to its closest cousin: green tea, but has quite a lot more saponins which contribute to its bitter notes. It has tremendous health benefits and can satisfy the urge for snacking between meals. With that aside, I truly enjoy it as a healthy herbal beverage any time of day. Although if you’re caffeine sensitive, I would urge you not to drink any after 3pm or you’ll spend the night watching infomercials.

So, how do you drink it? It’s really quite simple, you need the gourd and the metal straw, otherwise called a bombilla, some hot water (not boiling), a lemon zest and some cardamom pods to add layers to the flavor, and most importantly a handful of friends/family to share it with. You could really spend hours drinking this thing, just make sure there’s a bathroom nearby.

How to put together the matte infusion:

Fill the gourd with 2-3 tablespoons of the dried herb or about 1/4 of the gourd (depends on the size of it). Add a small piece of lemon zest or other citrus fruit and 2 or 3 cardamom pods.
Heat the water and pour in the gourd, allow a few seconds before you drink, and repeat the process.

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  1. Ahh Matte…a truly relaxing experience…fresh, potent, warm, definitely inviting. Although, nNot so relaxing when you drink it with milk. A true laxative!

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